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All Bookmakers Want You As A Customer!

There is the site that offers you 50 Dollars on your first deposit, the one that gives you 100, or that refunds your first bet or gives you back a percentage of your losses. 

In reality, they are nothing more than marketing initiatives used by online betting sites for one purpose: to get you to play on their platform!

But how can you avoid being ripped off?

Simple, just be (or become) an Aware Bettor.

An aware bettor is a person who:

  • Loves football,
  • Bets regularly,
  • knows all the risks of gambling.

Many Sunday bettors often underestimate the third characteristic of the Aware Bettor, and inevitably fall into the trap of gambling.

By the time they realise this, unfortunately, they have already squandered a large part of their savings.

With this article i will try to show you in a transparent, non-deceptive and objective way, the best welcome offers of this month. Thanks to this reading you will be able to make the most convenient choice in line with your (healthy and intelligent) way of betting.

The 3 Questions You Need To Answer Before Taking A Betting Bonus


Since 2015, I have been running a sports betting Facebook group. The name of this group is “The Warriors -The Group-“.

It is a free group and no obligation is required to be a member.

To date it has more than 5000 Aware bettors.

The 2 most frequently asked questions within the Facebook Group are these:

  • What are the best betting bonuses at the moment?
  • Which is the most convenient for me?

The answer I give to those approaching the world of betting bonuses is this:

He who has it biggest is not always the best….

Let me tell you why…

In order to understand which is really the best offer you need to look at one key aspect, and that is your betting style.

  1. Do you like to bet singles or do you prefer multiples?
  2. How much money do you dedicate to betting each month?
  3. Do you prefer to bet on very low odds or do you always look for the big payout?

Yes, it may seem trivial, but answering these simple questions will allow you to understand what kind of bonus you should be looking for.

OK, Luca, I know what kind of player I am, so how do I know which bonus is best for me?

You’ll find the answer to that by reading this long article. You’ll find out which type of bonus is best for you and also at what particular time it’s best to take advantage of a particular offer.

If you are already an expert on bonuses, you can go straight into practice.

Below you will find a comparison of the betting bonuses for NEW CUSTOMERS only.

So if you already have an active account in your name at Eurobet, SNAI or SISAL, you will not be able to take advantage of the welcome offer that you find in this table.

To make it easier for you to choose the best betting bonuses, I have selected only those that can be used to place sports bets, leaving out the details of bonuses that can be spent in other sections (casino, slots, virtual, roulette etc.).

  • Bet365 – first deposit bonus of 100% up to $100.
  • Eurobet – 10$ on first deposit + up to $100 extra
  • Pokerstars sport – 10$ refund on first bet (if losing) + up to $90 on subsequent bets
  • Betfair – 10$ on your first deposit + up to 200$ extra bonus
  • Leovegas – 100% extra winnings. Double your winnings up to 100$ after the first 
  • Unibet – 10$ on your first deposit
  • Williamhill – 10$ first bet refund + 5$ account verification + up to 200$ extra (10$ per week x 30 weeks)
  • Bwin – 10$ on your first bet (both winning and losing).

Card Betting Tips

Betting Tips

The 1×2 total cards bet is a winner when you guess which team will receive the most cards (always as a TOTAL VALUE) IN THE FULL 90 MINUTES OF PLAY.

U/O Total Cards Home/Guest Team

In this case our card bets are concentrated on ONE TEAM only.

We will therefore be betting on UNDER or OVER for either the HOME team or the GUEST team.


  • Card bet “UNDER/OVER 3.5 HOME” in the match between Napoli and MILAN.
  • What does under 3.5 mean in card betting?
  • It means that if we bet on UNDER 3.5 HOUSEHOLD and NAPOLI receives only 2 YELLOW cards, our bet will be a WINNER.

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