TOP-5 Money-Saving Tips For New Gamblers

Want to win big by playing online casino games but don’t have enough experience? Then take a look at this short guide with the most helpful money-saving tips for beginners!

Don’t Try To Impress Anyone

First of all, remember that dealers and other players don’t care about you and your bets. So, don’t try to impress anyone by placing enormous bets: this will bring nothing good. Better to play carefully, place small bets, and constantly monitor your balance. 

Determine Your Max. Limits


Before betting real money, decide on your limits, specifically:

  • Determine your minimum bid;
  • Decide how much cash is enough for you: as soon as you win a certain amount, you will have to leave the game;
  • Determine your maximum bet and never exceed it so as not to lose quickly.

Try to stick to your limits, because a lot depends on it! Best of all, write the limits on a piece of paper and keep it in front of your eyes as you play. By the way, many casinos offer to specify your maximum bet in your profile settings. After doing this, you will not be able to lose more than this.

Don’t try to win back your losses!

This advice applies not only to casinos but also to bookmakers. All novice players, one way or another, hope to win their losses back after a series of losses. Unfortunately, this does not work that way: if you have lost a lot of money, you shouldn’t risk the rest of it continuing to place bets. Most likely, you will simply lose everything in the next few minutes. The best tactic here is to follow your plan if you have one and focus on the long run and not on the current losses. 

Training First, Winning Later!

Before playing at Bizzo Casino for real money, you should test the games in the free version in advance. Many online casinos offer a trial version to play popular games like poker or online roulette for free. In demo mode, you can take your time to familiarize yourself with the games, try out new tactics and get ready to play for real money. When you practice enough, you can switch from practice mode to a real online casino with just a few clicks.

Try Using Martingale System

To tell the truth, you can only beat a casino using proven gambling schemes. All other tips will just help save some of your personal funds. One of these schemes is called the Martingale system: it was created specifically for playing roulette. But after a while, gamblers began to use this scheme in other gambling entertainments such as poker and blackjack. The main point is to constantly double the bets when you lose. When a player receives a prize, a return to the original bet amount occurs. Doubling the money wagered on losses allows you to cover these losses. The amount of the received gain turns out to be enough to cover the previously incurred losses and extract profit. Simply put, you need to double your bets when you lose and place the same amount of cash when you win.

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