Counter-Strike Betting

Top Counter-Strike Betting Tournaments

Among the most prominent and the ones you will find most frequently at bookmakers are the ESL Pro League, which is one of the main ones and the one in which the strongest teams compete to participate.

It is divided almost entirely by continent and involves Europe, North America, South America and the Asia-Pacific region. The season-long competition lasts 10 weeks and since the tournament’s existence, the winner has won around $2 million in prize money.

It is followed by championships such as ESL One, which since 2015 has filled the Lanxess arena in Cologne, Germany, with more than 14,000 fans from all over the world. Then there’s Intel Extreme Masters (IEM), which since 2014 has become an experience that every CS:Go player wants to experience. 

Why are these operators favourable in CS:GO betting?

This must be the main question on your mind, but that’s where comes in to solve the mystery. Well, as an online bookmaker comparison portal, we focus especially on those that are legal.

With this in mind, those who know us from our sports predictions and guidance in other disciplines will know what our parameters are. Some eSports fans, however, are still wary of the subject of bookmakers.

That’s right, video game competitions have many similarities with sports leagues and tournaments such as football or basketball. Hence, the online betting industry has set its sights on CS:GO betting.

Coverage of eSports and CS:GO tournaments


We like to bet on the big events, especially the finals, who doesn’t? However, it speaks highly of a bookmaker that it is possible to find a variety of tournaments and leagues on offer, as well as qualification dates and so on.

On the other hand, if the website you decide to register with to place your CS:Go bets doesn’t have a lot of eSports coverage, only the most basic ones. Think about how much experience they have when it comes to assigning odds to these events, which, while they share a lot in common with regular sports, are not the same.

As a result, you will be able to identify when an operator is not as bold in eSports if you don’t find a diversity to bet on. If you don’t see multiple tournaments, run away as fast as possible.

CS:GO knowledge

We don’t recommend a bookmaker that offers only a few important dates and gives you nothing else. That’s not what we want, we’re more interested in playing with operators who are as passionate about the game as we are.

For example, there are bookmakers that are sponsors of the most important CS:GO squads in the world, that’s commitment to the cause. You will also find operators that provide you with a team fact sheet and statistics that can help you to fine-tune your predictions.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the most prominent operators have a streaming service for the games. If you didn’t know that, then this is one more motivation to sign up with one of the bookmakers we suggest.

Counter-Strike Betting Odds and Markets

CS:GO betting

Imagine the following scenario, you finally find that CS:Go betting tournament you’ve been longing for, but it turns out to be at a price you weren’t expecting. Well, we’re all about finding figures that are in line with the market.

Just like betting options, it’s obvious that everyone goes for the winner, but there are particular cases that have other motivations. Betting on the winner by maps is also lucrative if you have mastered it to perfection.

Counter-Strike Betting Platforms

It may sound irrelevant to some, but we don’t take it too seriously, because we don’t support old-fashioned sites with platforms that make your computer sweat. We only review websites that have excellent adaptability to different devices.

At the same time, they should be easy for users to use, because if you are betting on CS:GO live, you should have the eSports section at hand or at least a search engine to find the game.

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